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Women are reading The Good Boss, and its stories and descriptions of life at work for women are resonating with them:

“That happens to me every day!”
“My boss did that too!”
“OMG this is me!”

While some healthy commiseration, or maybe even a good old rant feels good every now and then, this book won’t accomplish what it set out to do if we don’t get another audience to read this book: men.

When male managers read this book, they say:

“I had no idea this was really what it was like.”
“This is cringe-worthy.”
“I wish I read this 10 years ago.”

Yet, when I tell a typical well-intentioned male manager that I wrote this book, I often get this reaction:

“I love this- I’m giving a copy to my wife.”
“I’d love to have you come speak to our women’s group.”

I tell them I didn’t write this book for women to read, I wrote it for men to read, so that they could understand what it’s like for women, and perhaps with that new empathy and some simple action items, they could see ways every day to make the experience better for women. When you put it that way, many listen, and engage in the work.

Often the people who need the lessons the most are not the ones who think they need the lessons. So a gentle nudge can help. Of course, it’s not that easy to look someone in the eye and say, you need to read this and learn from it.

The philosophy of The Good Boss is to make it as easy as possible to enact great change. So in that spirit, we’ve created an easy, anonymous way for you to place this book in the hands of the people who need it most. You know who they are – perhaps it’s your current boss, or someone you used to work for. Or maybe just a brother-in-law who makes you cringe when he talks about work at family dinners.

So, Here’s How It Works:

1. Purchase the book here

Send Hardcover Book $26.95
Send Kindle Book $16.95

2. Select to mail a hardcover copy or to send a Kindle copy.

3. Provide the recipient’s mailing or email address.

4. He (or she…many women have more to learn too!) will receive the book, along with this letter (below) from the author, thanking him for engaging in the work to support women.

The book will be sent directly from the author.
Your name and information will not appear anywhere in the sending materials, respecting and preserving your anonymity.

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Send Hardcover Book $26.95
Send Kindle Book $16.95