About Kate

CEO, Author, Working Mom

Kate is an education industry leader with 20 years of experience running, managing, advising, acquiring, and investing in education companies. She supports companies that innovate and educate, with a particular passion for leading companies that use technology to expand student access to the experts they need to support their education and development. She believes that leaders are responsible for creating opportunities for, and elevating the voices of, all of the people they work with, and she is passionate about creating structures to support those who have been historically underrepresented in the workplace.

Career Path to CEO

Kate is a recognized CEO who has built value through strategic acquisitions, leading-edge technical innovation, and visionary cultural transformation. Currently, she is the CEO of Presence, the leading provider of teletherapy solutions for children with diverse needs, where she leads a 100% remote, majority female workforce. The company’s growing network of 2,000+ clinicians serve children in schools across the U.S. Presence is backed by Spectrum Equity, TPG’s Rise Fund and Bain Capital Double Impact.

Prior to leading Presence, Kate served as CEO of The Princeton Review, a leading provider of test prep, admission and tutoring services, and Tutor.com, which provides online on-demand tutoring. She also led strategy and investments for Kaplan, a large and diversified global education company. She began her career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and received her MBA from Harvard Business School. 

She has served on several education-focused boards, including Babbel, Barnes and Noble Education, Prospect Schools, and Testing Mom.

Journey as an Author

At first Kate wrote for herself, processing her experiences as a woman in the majority-male field of finance, and later as a working mom who felt perceptions and expectations change as she balanced her work and family lives. 

Once she became CEO, she realized that lots of other women were looking to her for advice and advocacy.

Kate is the author of the book, The Good Boss: Nine Ways Every Manager Can Support Women at Work, in which she shares compelling and inspirational lessons she experienced working her way up the corporate ladder. She includes the impactful stories that other successful women have shared with her as well as valuable tips and recommendations from other executives in her expansive network.

Working Mom

Good luck talking to Kate for more than 5 minutes without her mentioning her daughters, Marion and Audrey! They are a central part of her identity not only in her personal life, but as a professional. Her daughters are her motivation for working and writing, and they are her best idea-generators and decision makers. Kate’s companies get two bonus co-CEOs, who care as much about her work as she does.

Kate met her husband Chris at business school. From the start, they’ve prioritized their careers equally, and it has been essential to her success.

Equally essential to Kate’s success is the support of her sister Karyn, who has provided childcare for Marion and Audrey since they were babies. Every working mom knows that you are only as good as your childcare allows you to be, and there’s no better caregiver than your own family member.